Whether you want to be sure about that camera you're buying for a trip to Cancun, need to learn the ins and outs of the Graphic Novel industry, or are interested in a full scale indie film project, we're happy to lend a hand. Check out the list below of things we know a whole heck of a lot about. Consultation is $50/hr

  • Screenwriting

  • Graphic Novel and Comic Book Series Writing

  • Video Production / Indie Film & Film Industry

  • Photography - Equipment etc.

  • Graphic Novel and Comic Book Series Production & Industry

  • Voice Acting & VO Work

script editing, coverage & writing

Our #1 selling service and what made QuickFuzeFilms what it is today is our top notch script editing, coverage and writing. It's what we're known for in production companies in NY, LA and all over the country. We've ghost written and co-written screenplays which have gone on to clean up in the festival circuit and to launch aspiring filmmakers' careers. We also bring real world on-set experience to every project. We've worked with everyone from Sony Entertainment and NBC Studios to a large list of indie films and companies. A handful of titles include Brian Austin's 'Nobodies Son', and his forthcoming, 'Indecent Attraction'. We've also worked on set or in pre or post production on shorts including: 'Losing Sophia', 'Death by Email', 'The Day Before Tomorrow', 'Early Closing Time', and 'That's All Folks!' to name a few.


     Script Coverage is usually used as a technical term which, is essentially, a bird's eye view of the script. It goes over the pieces, characters, elements, effectiveness and delivers a pass, consider or recommend grade. It's used in production companies to determine whether or not to put a piece into production. However, lately we've noticed this term being used more loosely by smaller producers. Being used to mean in depth notes and analysis on theme, plot, character development, shooting practicality, etc.

     So if you need in depth analysis - a serious, critical look at your script before you bring it to production, this is the service for you. For coverage we only charge $15.00 a page.


     Even the best writers need editors. And when it comes to screenplays, there's nothing worse than handing out copies to your entire cast and crew just to find out there's a typo on the first line, the dialogue on page three doesn't read right, and the scene at the end which is supposed to get a reaction from the audience everybody reads as boring and predictable. We can help. Make sure your script goes out crisp, believable and ready to shoot. We also edit for structure.

Our editing is $25.00 /page

Ghost and Co-Writing

     Everybody knows screenwriting is a pain. It's just not an easy thing to do. It takes forever, an extensive knowledge of technical structure, and a knack for the written word. We're more than happy to bring your idea to life, turning the fumes of imagination into a full fledged professionally edited and finished spec script. Normally, our name will go on the script as a sole writer, but we like to be flexible. We're perfectly happy to appear as a co-writer or not at all, which, of course comes at an extra cost.  

Currently custom screenwriting (with credit) is $60.00/page

Graphic Novel and Comic Book Series

     Dutka Enterprises LLC not only runs QuickFuzeFilms but also, Huckleberry Comics. A publisher of bleeding edge graphic novel and comic books. If you'd like us to take a look at your graphic novel or comic book series, we're happy to do so. The same pricing as screenwriting applies, we can do script coverage, editing, consultation, or co-writing. On this front however, we do not offer ghost-writing. We offer full scale production from start to finish. We send a list of our top artists, so you can choose the style and we take it from there. Arranging pencil and ink, colorists, letterers, formatting and even printing and distribution.


photography pricing

Product Photography

Product photography has quickly become a top selling service and specialty here at QuickFuzeFilms. Second only to script editing, coverage and writing.

We break it down into a few different sections, scroll down to see what we offer.

Infinite White Web Use Limited

If you choose to go without a reflection, we can do that too.

If you're looking for amazing infinite white photos for your Amazon listing or e-commerce website, this is the category for you. Our standard rate for a single product is 30/photo (50/photo for chromed & reflective products, white products, and glass.) But not to worry, the rate goes down if you have more than one product. See the chart below:

Number of Products = Price per photo (rwjg = reflective, white, jewlery, glass)

1  =  30 regular - 50 rwjg 

2 - 5  =  25 regular -  45 rwjg

6 - 20  =  20 regular - 40 rwjg

21 - 50  =  15 regular - 30 rwjg

51 - 100+ = 10 regular - 20 rwjg

Note: These are for web use rights ONLY. If you'd like to use them for physical print there's a one time flat fee of 50.00/product for rights to print. 

Lifestyle & Context

Click to Englarge

Click to Englarge

If you want shots that will knock your socks off and make customers say, "I want this." then look no further than our Lifestyle and Context product photography. We produce high quality shots which are prefect for high end e-commerce websites and listings - catalogues and product packaging. At this level we charge 50/photo. That includes full studio setup and set construction as well as post production, art direction and of course delivery. 

Note: Product Packaging Rights are a one time fee of 100.00 per product and Print Rights are a 50.00 one time fee. I supply a series of photos artistically designed by our art director. If you wish to reshoot we're happy to do so, with a set up fee of 100.00. If you need live models, please see the section below.

Magazine / High End Website & Professional Advertisement

Click to Expand

If you need a full page print ad, something beautiful for your websites homepage or just some hugely impressive shots for your product packaging, this is the where you want to be. We go out of our way to get something representative of of the spirit behind a product and its purpose in the world. We sculpt light to create a single beautiful image with your product as the centerpiece. At this level we charge 300/photo without models and 500/photo with. This includes indefinite web and packaging rights, full post production (color, level grading, etc.) modeling fees, set construction fees, and 5 year print rights. Indefinite print rights is an additional 200 fee per image. 


Touch Ups

You're an important person. Why not make your profile pic perfect? If you want to get some acne removed, bring up the exposure a little bit and make that sky really pop then you're in the right place. And this doesn't only apply to profile photos. If you need something touched up, I can do that. It's only 20 bucks a photo! 

Note: Does not include total photo manipulation. In other words, directions like making your eyes bigger, your nose smaller, and changing the background to a spring afternoon in Paris will cost extra. Not much though, that comes in at only 50/photo!


Editing, Production & VO pricing

You can see examples of all of these things over on our Gallery page!

Video Editing                                                                                                                         100.00/hr
We have years of formal training in professional editing software on top of a whole bunch of real world experience. Whether you want to add an audio track, insert a bumper, or need a complete custom project? QuickFuzeFilms is here to help.

We currently use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Affinity, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Reaper, etc.

Video Production                                                                                                         Please Contact

When you want a fresh, cutting edge approach to film QuickFuzeFilms is the production company your looking for. We do our best to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it's highly shareable vlog-esque style shorts, informational videos or clean unique commercials. We're always happy to provide royalty free music, and if needed can compose custom royalty free tracks and effects. We can also provide professional voice over talent with any accent and age group. See some of our prior work in the Gallery.

We use mid and high end DSLR's to capture highly cinematic expertly composed footage. Along with sliders, glidecams and other gear we have a chromakey (green screen) which we're happy to use for everything from product photography to special effects. Our final product is then processed with our usual suite of software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects Pro CC, Affinity, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Reaper etc.

Professional Voice Over Work                                                                            5.00 per 100 words

If you're looking for a clean, professional North American adult male voice talent? I can do that. As with all our work, head on over to the Gallery to see some examples.        



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